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An all inclusive center for mental health needs

Outstanding Mental Health Care

Mental health is one of the most important factors of our wellbeing. When people grapple with mental challenges, they often have a hard time finding the proper care provider or therapeutic treatment. Finding the right therapist is challenging -  whether for anxiety, depression, OCD, or other mental illnesses and conditions that overtake daily living and functioning. Without an easily accessible way to find a therapist, hundreds of people are living in distress.

Where To Turn

Some illnesses may even require immediate urgent care in order to stabilize the situation. But with the current mental health treatment landscape, most people are scared to take the often complex steps that will help them cure the issue.

In times of crisis, where does one turn? When the demons of mental illness threaten to overtake a person, where do they go? Hospitalization can be a traumatizing experience, so much so that many times people hide their suffering for far too long to avoid it.

Introducing The Lewis Opler Center

Integrity Care Service is developing a pioneering model for mental health that will change the way patients are treated, mental illness is approached, and mental health care is accessed.

A Safe Space

We understand that people in acute distress need immediate and compassionate treatment, with a paradigm that doesn’t merely treat symptoms in a clinical setting.

Stability and Security

Integrity’s team of world renowned professional mental health care providers and doctors have developed a holistic model to treat patients. Whether patients are seeking immediate solutions for short term problems, or long term treatment for deep rooted conditions, the Lewis Opler Center will integrate the Integrity Care model for true, lasting results.

Patients can receive immediate mental health help easily and immediately.

We’re building the Lewis Opler Center, a metal health center for people to turn to so they can meet carefully selected, highly trained and top therapists, get immediate mental health relief, become stabilized in a non-hospital setting, and have built-in support and further guidance.


Dr. Lewis Opler:

A Legendary Force In Mental Health Progress


Dr. Lewis Opler was one of the pioneers and founders of the innovative Integrity Care treatment model. The famed doctor was a professor of Clinical Psychiatry at Columbia University, and he was an internationally recognized leader in the scientific studies and discoveries of psychotic disorders. Dr. Lewis Opler is famous for creating the gold standard PANSS scale, a medical scale used universally for measuring symptom severity of patients with schizophrenia.

Dr. Opler was brilliant, compassionate and wise. His influence and insight molded Integrity Care, and it is in his distinguished memory that we dedicate this one of a kind treatment center that will change the way patients are managed and treated in times of crisis.


Care for All

A center that treats every situation and their unique needs.

Urgent Relief Walk-ins

The Lewis Opler Center will have a walk-in option for people who need immediate help. Many times, mental illness comes with comorbid issues that can flare up in patients’ lives. Other times, people suffer from difficult situations or issues. They may not be serious enough to demand a full intervention, but they can benefit from treatment that better their quality of life.

When an urgent mental health matter comes up, the Lewis Opler Center is always here to help patients manage and control difficult situations.

Easily Meet a Therapist

Instead of waiting weeks for a referral from a doctor, calling therapist after therapist with limited availability and setting up an appointment weeks from now, people can walk into the Lewis Opler Center and be guaranteed a therapy session.

The center will have a wide variety of caring and outstanding specialists who focus on treating issues such as anxiety, marital issues, phobias, and more. For every patient, there is a therapist who is a great fit. All major insurances are approved and accepted.


Intensive Care Treatment

Sometimes patients need acute inpatient care. Sometimes during a crisis for short term care, and sometimes for long term residential treatment.

Yet many patients who need help aren’t receiving it, and are drowning in pain and mental distress. Unfortunately, so many members of our communities have lost their lives instead of seeking treatment because

  • Psychiatric hospitals and wards are heavily stigmatized in many communities.
  • Many patients have traumatic experiences regarding previous hospitalizations, especially when they were at risk for suicide.
  • Many psychiatric units only stabilize certain symptoms before releasing patients, even when they aren’t ready to be discharged and face the ramifications.

The Lewis Opler Center is a recovery-focused non-hospital setting with a strong emphasis on privacy and dignity which will help patients reach full recovery and healing.


Integrity Treatment Model

The Lewis Opler Center will integrate the Integrity Treatment Model for patients who need it. The Integrity Treatment Model is comprised of a holistic team of outstanding specialists who treat, address, and monitor mental, emotional and physiological health.

Case managers ensure that patients receive all the facets of care they need, and that there’s no gaps in their treatment.


Recovering with Dignity

Integrity Care Service’s ultimate goal is to normalize and simplify treatment for mental illness. It doesn’t need to be a shameful secret, be a traumatic experience, or carry the weight of stigma. Getting help for mental illness should be immediate, beneficial and compassionate.


Dedication Opportunities

Change the world. Change Lives.


Integrity Care Services is changing the world of mental health care, and the Lewis Opler Center will be a cornerstone in bettering the lives of thousands of people in our community. Dedicate a portion of this monumental center to the memory of your loved ones.


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