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Mental illness is overwhelming. Getting help shouldn’t be.

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Full Scale Treatment, For a Full Recovery

Mental illness is difficult. Getting the right help is even more difficult.

Integrity Care Services is an all-inclusive outpatient treatment center that takes the burden out of your treatment. Our world class Mental Health Professionals provide each patient with exclusively tailored, evidenced-based treatment.  Our unique case management program accompanies each client with constant solid support, effectively coordinating every aspect of the case on a medical, as well as personal level. The Integrity approach is unprecedented and characterized by unparalleled care.  Real care.  Because we care.


Within the existing health system and current ideology, full recovery may seem impossible. But at Integrity Care Services, precisely this is our mission. We provide a trailblazing treatment model towards full recovery, with proven success.


Integrity Care Services provides a full treatment plan that covers every facet of an individual’s recovery. From psychiatrists to therapists and family counselors, in addition to committed and compassionate case managers, the Integrity team  ensures that patients receive all the treatment they need. There is hope. Full recovery is not only possible, but our primary goal.

About Integrity

Conditions We Treat

Comprehensive, Compassionate Care

Integrity Care Services provides extensive acute and ongoing mental health solutions and care for patients struggling with mood disorders, anxiety disorders and personality disorders.

Major Depressive Disorder

Including Atypical Depression and Treatment-Resistant Depression

Mood Disorders

Postpartum Depression


Schizoaffective Disorder


Bipolar Disorder

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Including Treatment Resistant Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Anxiety Disorders

Social Anxiety Disorder

Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Panic Disorder

Schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders

Personality Disorders

Borderline Personality Disorder

Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder

Other Conditions

Addictive Behaviors

Marital and Intimacy Issues

Additionally, we provide support and guidance for those living with individuals who have personality disorders

The Process

We’re focused on complete recovery.

Integrity Care Services offers a viable way to access true recovery, with a complete, all-encompassing path to achieve mental health and emotional wellbeing.


Many of our patients have sought help in the past - but may have only found symptom management. Patients seeking emotional and mental relief are often overwhelmed with managing their care and networking between their multiple providers. Patients are typically allotted minimal time with their doctors and therapists, and it is uncommon to be treated by a coordinated team whose members have spent enough time with them to know them well, and then discuss the case regularly with each other. Without adequate attention to critical issues such as compliance, side effects, family and religious issues, suboptimal outcomes are the norm.


At Integrity Care Services, we have an all-inclusive, comprehensive treatment model. Integrity has an in-house team of excellent therapists, psychiatrists, and psychologists with outstanding expertise in their respective fields, who work through individual aspects of every patient’s recovery as a collective unit. Case managers manage patients’ care with consummate excellence and compassion. Each patient is presented with a comprehensive treatment plan, which can be extended and/or expanded when needed.  Situations arise.  Crises develop.  At Integrity, Plan B is par for the course.  When necessary, a patient in distress will receive the same quality care from his own treatment team, even at home.  We don’t let our patients fall through the cracks. Whatever they need, they receive from our excellent, fully equipped team. Families as well, receive tremendous support, resources and guidance from our team to alleviate the stress and strain as their family member navigates the often difficult path of recovery.

The Team

A Dedicated Outstanding Team

Patients have a devoted core team, and notable specialists when the need arises.


Integrity Care’s psychiatrists treat patients holistically. Rather than simply prescribing medications to alleviate isolated symptoms, our top tier psychiatrists take an in-depth look at patients’ history and general patterns to provide patients with the highest level of recovery oriented psychiatric care. Utilizing the most advanced available treatments and sophisticated combinations of medications, each client is masterfully tailored with a unique combination of medications in order to best treat the underlying illness and move the patient towards recovery.

Medication adjustments are monitored closely in order to achieve the greatest efficacy from each pharmaceutical. Extra care is taken to minimize each of the possible side effects.

Psychiatrists provide the initial psychiatric assessment, and regularly meet with patients to monitor progress.

Case Manager

The highly trained and competent case manager takes full charge and responsibility for the patient’s care. First, he/she obtains an in depth history and dynamic understanding of the symptoms and challenges. The case manager creates a custom treatment team and treatment plan, engages the patient in treatment, and provides hope and support to the patient while following all aspects of the treatment closely.

Case managers accompany the patients to all psychiatric appointments and are the bridge connecting the patient to the team. They meet with patients at least once a week to ensure they’re receiving the proper treatment and making progress. Case managers keep abreast with all care providers to maintain cohesive, recovery-oriented treatment. The case manager is there for the patient from the start of the patient’s journey until their successful completion.

Social Worker

When patients are ready to be rehabilitated, the social worker helps the patient reintegrate into regular life and get back on track both socially and occupationally.

Some examples include setting a daily schedule and routine, finding a job, coaching for success on the job, as well as pursuing education and finding academic success. Additionally, patients are encouraged to move beyond their comfort level and are advised on strategies to regain healthy social integration.


The psychologists at Integrity Care meet with patients for weekly or bi-weekly sessions. They work on set goals with patients and explore obstacles that may be hindering progress. Integrity Care’s psychologists utilize proven modules and results-based holistic treatment models that address patients as a whole and also target specific behaviors and issues.

Specifically, psychologists employ cognitive-behavioral interventions, dialectical behavioral interventions, psychodynamic interventions, and supportive psychotherapy. They focus on ego building as well as concrete skills training.

General Physician

Sometimes patients have mental illnesses that present with comorbid disorders or conditions. General Physicians carefully monitor the treatment, making sure that medications and treatments complement each other.  They are on call, available to help if medical complications arise. For those medications that need careful medical monitoring to ensure physical health and stability, our physicians are there to provide our patients with consistent and excellent care.

Personal Mentor

Psychopharmacology Consultant

Some patients are resistant to medical treatment and drugs. Senior world-renowned researchers and seasoned clinicians who are up to date with the most advanced treatment options in psychiatry and psychopharmacology are on the team and are consulted for advanced solutions.  They work together with the entire team to find the right medications and treatment plans to promote recovery.

Patients are assigned highly trained and warm personal mentors who work with their clients to meet their goals and help them actualize their aspirations.

Mentors meet regularly with patients and are there to be a compassionate listening ear. Mentors assist patients with their treatment assignments and help them reintegrate into an active social and productive life.

Family Counselor

The family counselor provides education, support and guidance for family members who are affected by a patient’s mental illness.

Family counselors work with families to make sure patients and their family members receive the support and guidance they need, often working through family issues that are a possible hindrance to recovery. The resulting reconciliations and healing oftentimes contribute positively to the patient’s recovery.

Compliance Nurse

The nurse ensures that patients are complying with treatment and ascertains that medication is working as expected.

Responsibilities of the nurse include supplying and administering medication, doing daily home visits when necessary to establish compliance, giving blood tests when required to monitor medication levels and taking care of patients’ minor medical issues.

The Team

Visionaries In the Mental Health Field

Every member of our team brings years of experience, outstanding skills, and revolutionary method in their field to treat patients with the best care.

Dr. Michael R. Liebowitz MD

Professor of Clinical Psychiatry at Columbia University.


Dr. Liebowitz is the internationally recognized leader in the research and treatment of anxiety and mood disorders, and the creator of the widely used Liebowitz Social Anxiety Scale (LSAS).

Dr. Stuart Seidman MD

Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychiatry at Columbia University.


Dr. Seidman is a world-renowned expert in clinical psychopharmacology, with specialized expertise in the successful treatment of treatment-resistant mood and psychotic disorders.

Dr. Howard Hillel Becker Psy.D

Clinical Director


Chief Psychologist and Director of Training at Bronx VA Medical Center and Assistant Clinical Professor at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai.


Dr. Becker is a renowned expert in evidence-based treatment of a wide array of complex disorders, including treatment of addiction, psychosis, trauma and personality disorders, as well as couples and family therapy.

Benjamin Halpern LCSW

Director of Psycho Social Rehabilitation


Noted psychotherapist, renowned consultant, speaker and author.


Dr. Halpern specializes in helping individuals overcome their fears and obstacles. Dr. Halpern works with patients to instill and reinforce positive thinking, discover ambition and work towards direction of success.


About us

Our Revolutionary Recovery Model

Integrity Care Services is a revolutionary recovery model that's changing the way mental illness is treated.


The standard routine for patients with psychiatric problems is daunting, and nearly impossible to navigate. Psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists and doctors are all separate entities with their own processes, waiting lists and requirements. Treatment often falters when one link goes awry, or the coordination is lacking.


Integrity Care Services is a trailblazing outpatient treatment center where case managers take over the enormous burden of managing mental health care. All specialists and mental health providers are in-house, working as a cohesive team and focused entirely on the patient’s need and progress.


Joel Follman, the founder of Integrity Care Services, was helping some fellow community members navigate the mental health system. Some were going through a difficult time period that took a toll on them emotionally, others were grappling with mental illness. Joel would go with them to psychiatrists and psychologists, and try to help them manage their problems, and their interactions with multiple mental health providers.


It was an eye opening experience into the pitfalls of the current mental health system for people who need mental support and relief. Patients are expected to manage their care with a level usually beyond the capabilities of people struggling through crisis or illness. This also takes an enormous toll on their families. The limited hours of help and care are almost always inadequate for more ill patients. It provides only short term relief or management of symptoms, leaving many patients resigned to persistent illness and repeated hospitalizations with no end in sight.


Joel founded Integrity Care Services to provide a true recovery-oriented solution for people in need. Integrity Care was created with the dignity and comfort of patients and their families first and foremost in mind. There is complete privacy - every doctor and therapist has a private waiting room. No two appointments are ever booked at the same time, so no patient or client will meet someone else in the waiting room.


The team at Integrity Care is handpicked for outstanding skills and progress in their respective fields. Integrity Care works as a team to provide full care and management. This ensures no one is left without adequate care if they don’t have the ability to find and maintain therapeutic and psychiatric routines. Integrity Care Services is always on the lookout for new research, new breakthroughs, and new revolutionary methods in mental health care. Integrity Care attracts top talent and visionaries who bring game changing treatment methods to our patients.


Integrity Care doesn’t merely stabilize patients or work to control symptoms. Every patient receives full care with a comprehensive treatment plan where complete recovery is the goal. The rate of hospitalization is extremely low due to the high level of care patients receive at Integrity Care. Integrity Care has helped patients emerge from the depths of despair to live fulfilling, healthy lives.

All specialists and mental health providers are in house, working as a cohesive team and focused entirely on the patient’s need and progress.

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